Graveled Epoxy Floors

graveled epoxy floor in garage

Benefits of Graveled Epoxy Floors

Epoxy mixed with pea gravel makes a durable, aesthetically pleasing, natural looking surface. The gravel comes in a wide array of colors, and requires minimal maintenance. The natural look of a graveled epoxy floors compliments your space and adds character to an otherwise dull concrete floor. The gravel is mixed with the epoxy resin prior to application. Upon curing, the gravel lays smooth and level. Graveled epoxy can be used indoors or outdoors. It is an ideal choice for garage floors, outdoor walkways, porches and more.

Do It Yourself Epoxy Aggregate Flooring

If you are a do-it-yourself enthusiast, you can install an epoxy aggregate flooring yourself over a weekend with the right tools and techniques. You can even tailor the flooring to a very specific look and your individual style and color preference. The aggregate can consist of river pebbles, quartz or even glass chips. The resulting surface is very durable and will last for years with little maintenance.

Tools You’ll Need

  • Sander or concrete grinder
  • Epoxy caulk
  • Concrete leveling compound
  • Epoxy primer & sealer
  • Paint rollers and tray
  • Epoxy resin & hardener
  • Colored Aggregate or pea gravel
  • Tumbler and trowel

aggregate surfaceMeasure – The first step is measuring the floor to determine the amount of epoxy and aggregate you’ll need to cover the entire square footage. An epoxy aggregate floor must be laid down in one shot. Make sure you have enough materials beforehand before starting.

Level & Clean the Floor – Use a concrete grinder to level out any ridges and rough patches on the concrete substrate. Thoroughly clean the floor from all dust and debris. Use a power washer if necessary to remove any oil residue or grease.

Fill Cracks – Use epoxy caulk and concrete leveling compound to fill any cracks. Wait 24 hours until the floor is completely dry.

Primer – Use paint rollers to coat the entire surface with the epoxy primer. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and allow adequate time for drying.

Prepare the aggregate – Prepare the aggregate. If a desired color is required, mix the right portions of the colored gravel together.

Mix the gravel with the epoxy – Add the epoxy resin and hardener to the aggregate. Use the recommended mix rations. Generally, a 3:1 ratio between the aggregate and epoxy is acceptable. Mix everything together in the tumbler until you reach an even consistency.

Apply the Mix – Pour the aggregate mix evenly onto the floor. Do not dump the entire mix in one area. Use a trowel to spread the aggregate epoxy mix over the floor. Keep it at 1/2 inch thickness. Continue evenly spreading the mixture over the entire surface. Allow adequate time for drying – usually overnight.

Sealer – Finally, use a paint roller to apply two layers of epoxy sealer onto the floor, allowing enough drying time in between coats.