Flaked Epoxy Floors

flaked epoxy floor patterns
Flaked epoxy floors are epoxy based floors that incorporate colored acrylic flakes or chips that provide a unique decorative finish. They are resilient, seam free, long lasting floors that are most suited for garage floors and high traffic areas such as retail, industrial, commercial kitchens, Laundromats, laboratories, showrooms and sport venues.

The flakes provide a slightly rough surface allowing the floor to have excellent anti-slip properties.

flake epoxy floor closeupThe Color flakes are randomly shaped chips made from resin and various additives. They come in a wide variety of colors and textures to provide limitless possibilities. They are sold in 1 pound bags. Standard chip sizes are 1/4″. Smaller micro-flakes are also available measuring 1/16″ in size.

Flake floors are relatively easy to install and can be applied by professional contractors or DIY homeowners. The decorative flakes are dispersed on a specially prepared epoxy base coat, and then sealed in place using two or more coats of epoxy. Pricing for professional installation is calculated based on the concrete floor condition and total square footage.

They are popular among home builders, architects, designers and consumers due to their excellent qualities and custom options.


How to Apply Epoxy Flake Flooring


flaked epoxy floor1) Surface Preparation – Use acid wash or a floor grinder to open up the pores of the concrete substrate and remove any oil stains.

2) Apply Base Coat – Mix both elements of the basecoat epoxy together and apply in six foot squares until the whole area is covered.

3) Apply Color Chips – Throw a small amount of chips upward toward the ceiling and allow them to float down on the wet epoxy basecoat. Wait 24 hours for the basecoat with the colored flakes to fully cure.

4) Apply protective topcoat – Roll one coat evenly on the entire surface. Wait 16 hours before using the floor for light traffic or 36 hours for heavy traffic.


Benefits of Flaked Epoxy Floors


  • Very durable and hard wearing
  • Endless color combinations
  • Anti-slip
  • Very easy to clean
  • Affordable cost
  • Low maintenance
  • Oil spills easily wiped clean
  • Anti bacterial & Mildew resistant
  • Resist wide range of abrasive chemicals

Your Metro Garage Floors installer will work with you to select the best flake colors and style to match your needs. No matter what your style, our huge selection of flake colors and sizes will be custom tailored to exceed your expectations. Your epoxy flake floor will transform your space and provide you with a durable, attractive, long lasting floor you will be proud of. Contact us today to schedule a free in-home consultation.